Telewide Enterprises Limited

Payment solutions

Payment solutions SMS and interactive telephony is seen as a unique way to communicate with people anywhere at anytime. A simple and user-friendly media, SMS and interactive telephony messaging improves customer management relationships, enhances communication on brands and trademarks and paves new ways for mass- promotion or special marketing operations. SMS and interactive telephony provides an opportunity for companies to generate new forms of content or application provision, offering an environment for interactive, value-added premium services for end-users. Telewide offers a sophisticated adaptive payment solution so that you don't need to develop any online, credit card or other specific payment system. Telewide offers 4 types of billing services :

Premium SMS

A premium SMS is a text message, which brings value to the mobile user and therefore incurs a charge beyond that of a standard SMS. Operators invoice mobile users for premium messages on their monthly bill and reverse a percentage to content providers. Telewide returns a percentage to you.

Premium mobile short code

A mobile short code number which incurs a premium charge to mobile users. Users are billed by the mobile operator.

Fixed network 900 number

A 900 number, which incurs a premium charge to fixed line users. Users are billed by the telephone company.

Credit card

Users are billed by their creit card bank.