Telewide Enterprises Limited

Telewide Open-platform for Mobile Multimedia and Internet (TOMMI)

Telewide Open-platform for Mobile Multimedia and Internet (TOMMI) is a comprehensive solution that enables corporations, Web agencies, application and service providers, to connect their information system to mobile phones. You communicate via any media of your choice, voice, SMS, text, data, MMS, web, email with colleagues, clients, and other mobile contacts at anytime and anywhere. 



Key benefits


Your application may be configured with any media combination, to ensure the most effective and powerful communication.

Universal coverage

Telewide provides access to mobile networks territory-wide.

Quality of service

Telewide guarantees premium Quality of Service : high throughput rate, message notification, and 24/7 network availability and technical support.

Key player in the mobile industry

Telewide has privileged relations with all mobile operators and major industry players Telewide shares with its customers the latest offers, pricing upgrades, industry trends, and payment conditions.

Any computing environment

Telewide Open-platform for Mobile Multimedia and Internet (TOMMI) enables any-to-any open-platform communication. It is an API-based solution that can be integrated seamlessly in all major information systems. You have the choice of the communication protocol and don't have to invest in sophisticated technology or an expensive infrastructure.

Open & flexible solution

Telewide provides tailored communication services which meet your needs: flexible configuration to upgrade mobile handsets remotely, message confirmation, customization of message sending origin, traffic reports.

Strong partnerships with IT companies

You can rely on Telewide Business Partners to integrate Telewide technology in your information systems.

Sophisticated billing and rating system

Telewide has implemented extensive rating and billing system developed for both small and large-scale accounts. For further information, please contact us.