Telewide Enterprises Limited

Telewide Premium SMS

Telewide Premium SMS consists of charging end-users at a premium rate for a value-added text message service. Mobile operators charge for these services on the users' monthly phone bill. The Premium rates depends on the value or category of the service. It is up to the service provider to choose the appropriate rate from the mobile operator prices. Revenues are split between the mobile operator, Telewide and you, the service provider. Telewide provides a universal solution: - Unique access to all premium SMS offerings in Hong Kong - Short number management and technical support - Complete billing services Premium SMS gives companies the opportunity to deploy interactive, ‘instant response' services:

Market value-added mobile services

- Logos, ring tones, picture messaging - Interactive SMS games such as quizzes, contests - Voting and lottery applications

Generate new revenues from your web sites

- Time-sensitive information (stock updates, real-estate announcements) - Web content, newsletters, infotainment - Online micro-payment services for commercial web sites

Provide efficient micro-payment solutions for:

- Products from self-service vending machines (drinks, newspapers, snacks) - Movie tickets, parking machine etc. For further information concerning mobile applications or services, please consult theTelewide Solutions Catalogue.